10 cities to visit in Canada

Planning on a trip to Canada but don’t know where? Canada is the 2nd biggest country in the world and today we have 10 cities that we think you should definitely visit in Canada.

1) Toronto
It is the largest city of Canada and the capital of the state ‘Ontario’. Toronto is extremely famous for its diversity; it has people of many different countries and more than 140 languages are spoken in Toronto. It also has some famous landmarks namely, The CN Tower built between 1972-1976 which provides a bird’s eye view and allowing you to see the Earth curve over the horizon it is also the 3rd largest tower in the world, other POI’s include Royal Ontario Museum, Rogers Centre, and a day’s trip to Niagara Falls is well worth the trip.

2) Victoria
It is the capital city of the Canadian Province of British Columbia. It is also known as “The Garden City”, It is a beautiful city that is popular for tourists, the city has a large non-local student population and many students went to pursue MBA in Canada class to join right from high school. Victoria is also a 2nd Venice to some people and is famous for boaters.

3) Ottawa
It is also located in Ontario and is the capital of Canada. It has lots of tourist attractions most notably Parliament Hill, Rideau Canal. In summer, the Rideau Canal becomes a popular spot for boaters and in the winters becomes a dream for skating. The Ottawa river is also very famous for water rafting and it’s the largest river in Quebec. Ottawa is also known for several of its national museums.

4) Winnipeg
It is the capital of Manitoba, it is also a city where more than 100 languages are spoken and is a multicultural city, it is also known as “The Cultural Cradle of Canada”, it hosts various annual festivals like the Festival du Voyageur, the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, the Jazz Winnipeg Festival and so on. It is also known for being a railway and transportation hub which houses several professional sports franchises.

5) Montreal
It is located in Quebec, it has a mix of antique as well as the modern architecture having roads and bridges made up of cobblestone, some buildings date as old as the 1600’s, in the modern areas, it has tall skyscrapers with an underground city which is mostly filled with offices, hotels and other commercial buildings.

6) Quebec City
It is a beautiful city which also has a mix of the old and the new, it has an old town “Old Quebec”, which has well preserved cobblestone streets and buildings, it is also surrounded by a wall and is home to “The Citadelle of Quebec”, which is an active military installation and the largest British Fortress which was ever built in North America.

7) Halifax
It is located in Nova Scotia, it has the most clubs than any other city in Canada and also houses some unique attractions namely; Fisherman’s Cove, Maritime Museum and many more. The city is a major economic centre in Atlantic Canada having numerous major resource industries in the rural areas. It is also close the Bay of Fundy which receives highest tides on the Earth.

8) St. John’s
It is located in Newfoundland and Labrador, it is the oldest city in all of North America and is geographically the most eastern point in North America, it has a very rich history, having a role in the American Revolutionary War, the French and Indian War, and others which alongside its culture makes it a perfect spot for tourists to visit.

9) London
No not that London, but like the London in UK, it is also located on the Thames River, Ontario. It has a lot of historical sites and museums; it is famous for “Fanshawe Pioneer Village” which is an open air museum that makes you experience the life of the age between 1820-1920 as well as the development of the city itself. It has a unique culture that has festivals like SunFest, London Fringe Theatre Festival, Western Fair, and many others. It is also known for its low accommodation living making it perfect for a city to settle in for many immigrants.

10) Vancouver
It is located in British Columbia, it is a coastal seaport with eight public beaches, it is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Canada and has unique points of interest like Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park. The city has a plan to become the greenest city by this year. It is also famous for its quality of life and low cost of living.

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