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When it comes to getting into the career option, one of the most divergent systems that have come up is the introduction of the scheme ‘earn while you learn’. Under this procedure, several institutes in India offer the glorious opportunity to the students to earn monthly stipend facility along with studying the course too. This has been seen implemented in the hotel management sector, where most of the students are paid for their hard work and practical sessions, thus allowing them to learn better and motivate them even more. Therefore, in keeping in touch with the whole scenario of such a career option to take up, the hotel management industry likely thrives to be one of the most interesting and independent sectors of the country. Thinking of the various prospects that the industry can provide, a career in hotel management can likely help the students in earning, Even while they are studying the course. Thus, some of the institutes that actually pay you to study happen to be the following:


Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Training is considered to be one of the best institutions that offer huge benefits to the students not only in terms of better education but also in regard to the opportunities as well. Along with successfully completing courses like BA in hotel Management and culinary and even post-graduation and certificate courses, the students also receive a monthly stipend that allows them to completely take over the subject and help them be independent in their individual career spheres. Therefore, students willing to take up hotel management can likely go through the admission process here and understand all that is offered.Â

Oberoi Institute of Hotel Management

One of the most successful colleges in the hotel management industry is none other than the Oberoi Institute of Hotel Management. Although it is a private institute, the best part is that you get a monthly stipend that helps you go through all the expenses required. Even there are other opportunities that the students can look up to and therefore, a good career can be taken up by being a student of this industry. If you really feel you have the capacity to start a career in this field, then surely Oberoi is the answer.Â

WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration

IF you are looking to start your hotel management career after you have completed your high school, then WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration can be your choice. Located in Manipal, the institute that lots of international tie-ups as well and is also one of the recognized institutes in the world as well. Therefore, students willing to study can see the prospectus offered and check in with the admission procedure as well. In addition to that, the institute also offers a monthly stipend to the students and this makes them quite capable to handle the tasks as well.Â

ITC Hotel Management Institute

Even as the competition in the career path is on the rise, if you really think to join hotel management, then it is sure that you can try for ITC Hotel Management Institute. In relation to the admission in the courses that are offered, you can probably take up certificate and diploma courses as well. In addition to that, you also get a monthly stipend and this helps in various ways along with the other amenities that are provided.Â

SRM Institute of Hotel Management, Tamil Nadu

If you are willing to take admission to one of the most reputed hotel management institutes in the country, then it is the SRM Institute of Hotel Management. Along with the diversified opportunity that is offered here, there are many facilities available along with the fact that each student who studies here gets a stipend facility too. Therefore, you can check out the application form first and seek admission. If you clear the interview, then you are largely a part of the SRM family!

Hotel and Catering Management Institute, Chandigarh

If you are looking for a slightly higher stipend while you take up the course of study, then you can certainly join Hotel and catering management institute in Chandigarh. There are several courses offered here, starting from bachelors in culinary science and other graduation courses. Even post-graduation and diploma courses are offered and therefore, you also get the opportunity of availing to a fixed stipend per month too. Thus, instead of waiting for you to start wondering whether to join or not, it is best to go through the prospectus available and decide which course would be the best in establishing a career.Â

Culinary Academy of India

One of the most reputed institutions that offer the students all of the opportunities and experience is none other than the Culinary Academy of India. Located in Hyderabad, the institute offers huge course options, along with the opportunity to get a monthly stipend as well. Therefore, one can typically see the options available and opt for the course that deems to be fit. The amenities here are on the spot and you can surely establish a strong foot while securing a career in this field.Â

Therefore, all of the above institutes are suitable enough in the sense that it pays you to study while offering huge placement opportunities as well. Therefore, the time has now come to choose a course and enroll yourself in the hotel management industry!

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