The benefit of Practicing Psychometric Test

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Recruitment can be a costly and time taking process, and for employers, it is often frustrating to identify the right candidate quickly. There are various recruitment strategies adopted to find attractive and effective candidates who can best suit the needs of a job.

A psychometric test can be the best choice to ascertain the personality, skill of the candidates in an interview spanning for around one hour.

Psychometric testing can help an employer to identify the performing candidates and can be a professional and structured way of conducting the interview. This is a stress-free interview atmosphere which can make the interviewees overcome nervousness and help them to perform excellently. This type of test can give the best chance of recruiting productive candidates and ROI can be high for a company.

There are other important techniques for recruitment and the debate about the best type of interview technique is on. However, the companies who have implemented a psychometric test admit the efficacy of such tests as it produces clarity of the candidates’ capabilities. Many companies recruiting young candidates use such tests along with other verifications like exam results, references, etc. for determining the credibility of a candidate.

What is a Psychometric test?

It is essential to know about a psychometric test, particularly when you are considering implementing such test for recruitment purpose. Though Psychometric testing can measure candidates from various angles, the basic principle of such testing is concerned with the reading of the mind. According to the nature of Business of a company, a suitable mode of this test can be chosen; however, in general, Psychometric test covers:

  • Ability and aptitude
  • Personality

The ability of a candidate to react to a given situation and the weakness and strength of the candidate can be fairly gauged through these tests. Without solely relying on the appearance and previous experience and results, this test can provide significant input of the abilities of the candidate. The test of aptitude and ability can provide you with a good insight into the ability and intelligence measured by numerical tests, abstract and logical reasoning abilities. Suitable personality tests can identify the candidate’s ability to react to a certain situation promptly.

Advantages of Psychometric Testing:

There are a number of advantages companies can leverage from a psychometric test which is discussed as follows:

This test can be utilized by small, medium and large companies: Companies of all sizes can effectively use the Psychometric testing, and it is not limited to large sized companies only. It can be effectively incorporated as part of the recruitment strategy to get optimum effect. Small and medium scale Businesses may not require tailor test methods; a simplified version of this may be very effective here.

Not heavily reliant on interviews:

Though the quality of the interview results may be helpful and crucial for a company to recruit candidates, it is not always an effective method.

  • Some candidates may not be able to perform in an interview properly but may be highly suitable for a job.
  • There may be some candidates who have done enough preparation for an interview and can answer the questions smartly but lack natural abilities to solve problems.

All such candidates may not serve your objective of getting the right ones who can meet your need perfectly well.

It can save a lot of time and money: Lot of valuable time and money are spent on recruitment activities, and when the right candidates are not hired, it is a great loss. With the use of psychometric test employer’s time and money can be saved if this testing method is adopted at the beginning of an interview. Effective Filtering of candidates for the final selection process can be done more effectively by using such methods. The preliminary screening for picking up the best candidates can be done much more quickly and effectively with the implementation of the Psychometric Testing method.

It provides an actual picture of the candidate: You can get a fairly good idea about the potential of a candidate when you conduct the psychometric test. How the candidates can perform in a real work situation and how far he will be able to respond to problems can be simulated through these tests. The results you get from such test are real and authentic, and there is very little chance of manipulation.

Provide consistency for the recruitment process: The process of standardizing a recruitment process can be done through the enforcement of a psychometric test. This set of test can be given to various candidates, and it can become a benchmark for interviewing of candidates. Also, this test adopts fair method, and there is no chance for any discrimination or favoritism which may happen in an interview.Know More about Vacancies in India Region

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