What to Study in the Ivy Leagues


The Ivy League is considered to be an amalgamation of all the athletic sports teams and the major members of it are the universities of the United States, comprising of:

  1. Brown University
  2. Columbia University
  3. Cornell University
  4. Dartmouth university
  5. Harvard University
  6. Yale University
  7. University of PennsylvaniaÂ
  8. Princeton University

All of these universities are known to create this sports league, along with offering some of the major courses of study as well, hence by proving good academic records and faculty members too. All of these universities have a good reputation in the courses that are offered and thus, they owe the best students as well for studying.Â

The Courses that can be taken up in the Ivy League Colleges

There are major courses of study both undergraduate and postgraduate that can be taken up as a study and some of the best ones according to the universities are listed below:

Brown University

The Brown University is considered to be great in terms of its academic records and students willing to be a part of the university has to take up the Test and also have a good IELTS score as well. Along with that, the subject of study that is to be taken up has also been carefully analyzed and therefore, you might need to do some thorough research before joining. In addition to that, the undergraduate and postgraduate courses can offer good job prospects as well and this can be truly beneficial.Â

Columbia University

Columbia University lists some of the major courses that must be taken up. While the undergraduate ones are great, students willing to get their post-graduation done can do it from here. The reason is that the faculty is great and the offers are tremendously good too. Plus, you get to have some practical sessions as well and make sure to be enrolled in some of the major courses only. You can avail to all of the university facilities once you get enrolled.Â

Cornell University

Mostly known for its great engineering and science courses, Cornell University offers its students the vast opportunity to be talented enough to gain all the knowledge and excel at studying. In addition to that, the staff and faculty members are quite supportive enough and this helps you to fulfill your goal. In order to be a part of the Cornell University, you must definitely clear the entrance exam held in top cities of the world also go for the IELTS Exam. If all things happen to go well, get ready to be a part of the University!

Dartmouth University

Offering excellent courses that can help the students to take adequate knowledge with them, Dartmouth University is one of the most excellent options that can be noted down and some of the prospects of it must be visited so that you can see the options that are available. Plus, both undergraduate and post-graduate courses are available and in order to bring in true benefits, it is essential to see the job prospects of it as well. Therefore, getting admission is easier along with the fact that you have to pass the IELTS test as well and gain some information before choosing the right course.Â

Harvard University

Everyone has heard of the Harvard Law School and in order to be a part of the prestigious institution, it is essential to grab the right prospectus and see how you can gain admitted here. With the right knowledge on the laws of the land, your career would get a new shape as well and therefore, it is good to see how it might favor you. Also, the faculty members are knowledge and their thorough guidance would help in getting the course completed.Â

Yale University

If you take up any course under Yale University and you emerge as a bright and victorious student, then you are entitled to get the Yale Silver Scholars program. This is given to all of the undergraduates and postgraduates who perform well during their studying period in the university. Plus, the scholarship helps the students to get some lucrative jobs as well and if you really want this opportunity, then take up some prestigious courses by enrolling at Yale University.Â

The University of Pennsylvania

This university also lists some of the major courses that can be taken up and in order to be a part of it, you must clear up all the tests and produce the IELTS Score card too. Studying here gives you better job prospects as well.Â

Princeton University

Princeton University offers the best undergraduate and postgraduate courses and allows the students to learn all of the basic skills so that they are able to be the best leaders of tomorrow. The faculty here ensures that the students are able to receive a quality education.Â

With all of the above Ivy Colleges, tune in for its prospects for better study options. Know More about Vacancies in India RegionRead More Articles about Defence

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