Everyone is talking about that Lion King Poster glow up, and This is How You Can Do It Too

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The animation world is full of awesome movies and no one can forget the buzz that is created around the movie the Lion King. After the successful launch of the trailer of the movie, fans from all over the world are getting crazy on the recent poster that was unveiled. Although the traditional poster was an animated one, the premiere just got better with the release of the new poster that embarked a huge change in the movie. Disney made it sure that the release of the posters was to be done worldwide, and the fans were surprised at the actors that took up the various roles in the poster.Â

The lion king poster reveals the whole cast of the movie, with major celebrities like Donald Glover as Simba and Beyonce as Nala. Even individual character posters were also released as well, creating the hype of taking up animation as a career. The amount of effort that animation artists put behind the poster and the emotion that crops up are certain to be noticed. Therefore, there is complete originality in the making of the poster and that is why people are getting influenced at the technical animation that has been incorporated and how animation as a career can be taken up seriously.Â

Choosing Animation as a Career:

A career in animation means that you basically have to deal with images that would turn out to be of greater technological inputs. There are various types of animation courses that can be taken up like:

  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Model animation
  • Layout artist animation
  • Cleaning artist
  • Textured animation
  • Image editing animator
  • Photography animator.Â

All of these tasks require certain skills that must be up to date so that the work is easier to be dealt with. Thereafter, there are certain minimal tasks attached to it as well, like seeing to the detailing to the animation, the color that must be used, the design and several drawing patterns as well. Therefore, the grip of multimedia is highly required to be an animator.Â

What are the skills that must be required to be an animator?

In order to take up a career in the animation industry, you must certainly know how to draw. This is the foremost element that must be present so that the picture turns out to be perfect. The various prospects in the field of animation also include learning to visualize images so that they can come live with the mere use of imagination. Therefore, creativity is the second skills that must be present.Â

Taking up the animation career after class 12:

The ultimate deciding factor is which course is to be taken up in relation to the field of animation after class 12. Therefore, a few details of the courses are listed below:

  • Bachelor of arts in animation
  • Bachelor of Science in Animation
  • A certificate course in animation
  • The diploma course in Animation

The first two courses can is for three years, and can be done under the guidance of a recognized university. There are both theory and practical sessions included and one can likely take up internships with various animation agencies as well after the completion of the course. For the last two courses, you can certainly do it under any reputed institute or under any university as well. Both the courses are for a time frame of one year.Â

How animation as a career can be fruitful?

 You can definitely feel the buzz that has been created around the lion king poster and the credit goes to the animation artist who brought out this spectacular idea. Seeing this, there are so many animation institutes in India that readily prepare you in this field so that proper job can be availed in areas like business management, sales, graphic designing, and even advertising sectors as well. Therefore, animators can likely go in any sector as there is so much to take up, including logo and poster designing as well. learning special skills in the field of 3D and 2D animation is also useful.Know More about Vacancies in Bank Region

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