How to prepare for a competitive exam

How to prepare for a competitive exam

it is in an interesting manner and be able to retain knowledge for a longer time: Today, the importance of competitive examinations in a student’s life is absolutely incomparable. To be able to secure the best job or a seat in the best college/university, it is important that a student has to undertake an exam and come out successful. But this requires investing a certain amount of time and effort in preparing for these competitive examinations. A large number of students apply for various competitive exams every year in the field of their choice. Getting the preparation right is the most challenging part as the preparation for competitive exams is quite different than that of regular exams.

Competitive exams have different marking schemes, question structures & patterns. Hence, it is important that students must use certain proven tactics and methods to prepare for the exam. Demonstrated below are some of the most practical methods that will help you prepare appropriately for your competitive exam:

Enrol in an online test preparation program

With the help of online programs, you can prepare yourself right from the comfort of your home and also make sure that you are attaining professional level guidance. Some of these courses are available for a nominal charge or even for free. A UPSC aspirant can download Free IAS Preparation applications which have extensive exam preparation resources given in a user-friendly interface. Students preparing for competitive exams can also access YouTube videos to receive ample support for their exam. If you don’t wish to enroll in an online course, find out test centres in your area after consulting with your peers or friends who can vouch for their reputation.

Take plenty of practice tests

One of the most common mistakes performed by competitive exam aspirants is that they focus more on memorizing information rather than taking mock tests. Practising mock tests is one of the best indicators of understanding where you stand. There are several free websites and Apps that are available to the student giving them unlimited access to their resources. This will also help you put yourself in a real exam like scenario with respect to the type of questions that may be asked. Research says that it is hard to forget any information that you have practiced or written about. Writing is a great way to retain your lessons for a long time.

Use memory improving hacks

Since studying for a competitive exam can be quite daunting, it is important that you use some memory enhancing tactics to make your exam preparation easy. Focus and cutting off all distractions is extremely important. Make sure that you are well rested before you start studying. Pick up longer and more difficult topics at the beginning of your day, so that you can concentrate better. Study easier topics when you wish to take a break. Create notes, flashcards and formula sheets that you can refer to from time to time. This will help you while revising.

A student preparing for a competitive exam has to work smart and hard to achieve your goal but the key is proceeding tactfully. Every individual has a different style of learning, so make sure you understand what works for you and proceed according to that.Know More about Vacancies in Himachal Pradesh RegionRead More Articles on ITI

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