What are the documents needed for college admission?

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As the admission process is hovering near, it is now time to concentrate and get all things settled. This is considered to be the most intense period ever, as there are courses to discuss and destinations to decide as well. If all things have already been planned and you have decided which college to join, then it is time to settle the documents for admission. One must be careful enough to keep all of the originals ready along with their Xerox as well as attested copies so that they can be produced whenever required. Thus, some of the important documents required for college admission happen to be the following:

  • Registration form-

One of the essential admission documents that are required is none other than the registration form. After the form was earlier pointed out, it must be necessarily attested and produced before the college so that the admission procedure can start. Also, two copies are generally are required of the application form, and therefore, you must have it ready before you proceed for counseling.

  • Passport size photographs-

Photographs are really important considering the fact that they stand as proof of the candidate taking admission in the college in a particular course. Generally, two photographs are required during the time of admission, one that is kept with the application form and other by the college. Thus, having photographs is totally compulsory.

  • Mark sheets of 10th and 12th standards-

While taking admission to a course in a college, mark sheets are considered to be very important. Submitting the class 10 sheets along with class 12 is mandatory. All of the originals must be verified, and then the Xerox copies must be submitted with the signature.

  • Pass certificate-

Pass certificate is really essential in the admission process, and therefore, one must collect the high certificate so that it can be produced during the time of admission. In addition to that, most of the colleges take away the pass certificates and so, the original one must be given.

  • Date of birth certificate-

Date of birth certificate is considered to be one of the essential certificates, and therefore, one must be careful enough to produce the certificate in original. After the verification, the date of birth certificate is returned to the student.

  • School leaving certificate-

School leaving document is also considered to be a major document while the admission procedure to several colleges is going on. This is to be collected once the high school exams have been over. Again it is during admission that this certificate would be submitted in original.

  • Transfer certificate-

A transfer certificate from the school is really essential and shows the fact that you have successfully completed your high school. This certificate lets the college know that one has cleared the board exam with eligible and fair marks. On issuing this certificate, one must verify it in original with the college admission committee. Failure to produce the transfer certificate might land you in trouble as well.

  • Bonafide certificate-

A bonafide certificate is considered to be one of the essential documents that show the proof that the student has taken admission in some course in a particular college. All those who are taking admission in any post-graduate or diploma course can get it done by the university or college of the previous study.

  • Character certificate-

Along with the transfer certificate, every student gets a transfer certificate issued, and this too must be submitted at the time of admission.

  • SC, ST or another caste certificate-Â

For sure, SC, ST candidates also require their certificate of proof in admission to various colleges.

While showing the above documents for admission to the colleges, make sure that you have an acknowledgment application written so that you can submit it along with the other papers. Also, all of the copies must be attested solely. Even while paying off the college fees, make sure that you have a copy with you as proof as it is required later on for the continuation of the course.

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